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*Amphiaraus* - a seer, and one of the Seven against Thebes who became an
oracular spirit of the Underworld after his death.

*Angelos* - a daughter of Zeus and Hera who became an underworld goddess.

*Askalaphos* - the son of Acheron and Orphne who tended the Underworld
orchards before being transformed into a screech owl by Demeter.

*Charon* - ferryman of Hades.

*Cronus* - deposed king of the Titans; after his release from Tartarus he
was appointed king of the Island of the Blessed.

*Erebos* - the primeval god of darkness, his mists encircled the underworld
and filled the hollows of the earth.

*The Erinyes* - the Furies, goddesses of retribution, known as "The Kindly
Ones": Alecto "the unceasing one", Tisiphone "avenger of murder", Megaera
"the jealous one".


*amphiaraus* - tuch ghu’mey ‘otHa’bogh vay’; yIntaHvIS, *thebes*
ghobpu’bogh Soch SuvwI’ ghom SuvwI’ ghaH, ‘ej Heghpu’DI’, bIng qo’ qa’
mojpu’; yInbogh nuvpu’vaD jatlhmeH *amphiaraus*, maqlegh ghogh lo’.

*angelos *- *zeus* *hera* je puqbe’; bIng qo’ Qun mojpu’.

*askalaphos* - bIng qo’ naH Sormey Qorghpu’bogh *acheron* *orphne* je
puqloD; tagha’ ghaHvaD *screech* lIr mojmoHpu’ *demeter*.

*charon* *- hades* nuv lupmeH bIQ Duj DeghwI’.

*cronus* - *titans* voDleH ghaHpu’, ‘ach pe’vIl lu’pu’; *tartarus*vo’
*cronus* jonHa’lu’pu’DI’, ghaHvaD Quchchu’wI’pu’ ‘ambay voDleH mojmoHlu’ta’.

*erebos* - Hurghchu’ghach loD ghaHbogh bI’reS Qun’e’; bIng qo’ luDech ‘ej
tera’ Daqmey woD buy’moH vI’laSmeyDaj.

*erinyes* - *furies*; tuch bIj be’ chaHbogh Qun’e’. chaHvaD ruv Qun
luponglu’ je. *alecto* (mevbe’taHwI’), *tisiphone* (chotchugh nuv, noD
Qunvam), *megaera* (ghalwI’).

~ Dana'an

*zeus was, zeus is, zeus will be; o great zeus (dodona oracle chant)*
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