[tlhIngan Hol] using {'op} with {law'} and {puS}

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 05:33:24 PDT 2021

The noun {'op} is given as "some, an unknown or unspecified quantity".

I just realized that there's no rule against using the {'op} with
{puS}/{law'}, thus specifying whether this "unknown quantity is of few or
of many".

'op Duj puS vIjem
I detect an amount of ships which is of an unknown quantity (as far as
their exact number is concerned), but I sense that they're few

The question now would be, whether we could apply directly the {law'}/{puS}
to the {'op}; but I think that although there's no rule against it, it
would sound rather strange to say {'op puS Duj} since that could sound like
"ships of few/several unspecified quantities".

On the other hand though, perhaps we *could* say {'op vItlh} for "a
high/great unspecified quantity". However, the question then would be what
noun we could place the {'op vItlh} on; because the nouns that play well
with {vItlh} i.e. the nouns that are "measurable or quantifiable but not
necessary countable" don't sound that good with {'op}:

{'op Do}
a speed of unspecified quantity
(this sounds strange to me)

{'op vItlh Do}
a speed of high/great unspecified quantity
(this sounds equally strange to me)

On the third hand though, perhaps we *could* use the {'op vItlh} "a
high/great unspecified quantity" with nouns which are countable:

{'op Duj}
some ships
(sounds fine to me)

{'op vItlh Duj}
ships of high/great unspecified quantity
(sounds equally fine to me)

Go figure.

~ Dana'an
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