[tlhIngan Hol] expressing "the accused was sentenced" and "the sentence was carried out"

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A few ideas for you to play with…

WRT your first example with {maq}… {bo’DIj} apparently refers to the proceedings not the judge, for which Klingons use {loHwI’} “magistrate” (literally “administrator”) or {'oDwI'} “arbitrator, arbiter”.

(Okrand, qepHom 2018):  {bo'DIj} is the institution of the court, a judicial organization. A courtroom is a {bo'DIj pa'}; a courthouse is a {bo'DIj qach}.

Add to these {bo’DIj nompuq} “forensic evidence” (qep’a’ 2018) and {bo'DIj qaD} “lawsuit (qepHom 2020).

I’m also not sure about {yoj}.  Is it judgment in general (e.g. {ruv} “justice”) or a specific judgment/decision/legal ruling?  AFAIK we have no examples of either.

As for {tur} “carry out, conduct (a mission), perform (duties)”, we have one comment and one rather long example sentence:

(qep’a’ 2020):  This [i.e. {tlhoqtlhal} “favor”] is generally the object of a verb like {tur}. The recipient of the favor is marked with {–vaD}.

[…] maSDaq SaqmeH Qu' wa'DIch HochHom turlu'taHvIS, wej logh lengwI'pu'
   pa'mey 'oH APOLLO wa'maH wa' ra'ghom bobcho' COLUMBIA'e'.
The Apollo 11 Command Module, Columbia, was the living quarters for the
   three-person crew during most of the first manned lunar landing mission
  [...] (NASM)

Consider the verb {wuq} “decide (upon)”.  We even have an example used in a legal context in the ENTERPRISE episode "Affliction":

   loHwI' vISuch 'e' vIpoQ!  vImuHlu' net wuqHa'!
   I demand to see the magistrate! My death sentence was commuted!

And finally… {'oD} “arbitrate, mediate”, {qIch} “condemn”, {bIj} “punishment” and {jIp} “penalty” are also relevant to the discussion.

From: mayqel qunen'oS

In English we say "the accused was sentenced by the court", and "the sentence was carried out".

I was wondering how we could say these in the so-called warrior's tongue.. Suppose I wrote:

yoj maqpu' bo'DIj
the court proclaimed the judgement

yoj turlu'ta'
the judgement was carried out

Would the above be appropriate? Or is there a better way of expressing the desired meanings?

~ Dana'an
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