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The more I think about it, the more I realize that Hector in the Troy movie
was right; one needs to live by three simple rules:

1. Honor the gods.
2. Love your woman.
3. Defend your country.

Everything else is unnecessary.

*SuvwI'qoq Hol*

lughchu' troy much hector 'e' vItlhoj, 'ej Sojvam vIQubqa'taHvIS, lughchu'
hector 'e' vItlhojqu'; yIntaHvIS nuv, wej chut nap pabnIStaH:

1. Qun tIquvmoH.
2. be'lI' yImuSHa'.
3. SeplIj yIHub.

'utbe' Hoch latlh chutmey.

~ Dana'an
*you will never bring down Olympus*
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