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Thu Jan 21 07:25:08 PST 2021

Klingon Word of the Day for Thursday, January 21, 2021

Klingon word: 	qay
Part of speech: 	verb
Definition: 	use the second (middle) finger
Source: 	HQ:v10n2p7

AFAIK never used in a sentence.

(HQ 10.2: pp.7-9):   [ ... ]the word {nItlh} "finger" means any finger, including the thumb. A hand has {vagh nItlhDu'} (five fingers), not {loS nItlhDu'} (four fingers) and a thumb. 
     There is a specific word referring to each of the five fingers, and these words are nouns derived from verbs by means of the suffix {–wI'} (thing which does); there are two pairs for thumb. The Federation Standard translation of the verbs is a little strained, but they mean something like use (the specific finger). The associated 'finger nouns' would be literally, though quite awkwardly, "thing which is used in a thumb-like manner" or perhaps "thing which thumbs" or even "thumber"; "thing which is used in an index finger-like manner"; and so on. The verbs and the associated nouns are:  {Sen} use the thumb, {SenwI'} thumb;  {rIl} use the thumb, {rIlwI'} thumb;  {SIq} use the index finger, {SIqwI'} index finger, first finger;  {qay} use the second finger, {qaywI'} second finger;  {qew} use the ring finger, {qewwI'} ring finger, third finger;  {qan} use the pinkie, {qanwI'} pinkie, little finger. [ … ]
     The "finger verbs" are used when talking about specific ways of using a particular device (weapon, computer control panel, even musical instrument) or when describing specific ways to use fingers (as in movements in some martial arts). {…} When used with nouns with the locative suffix {-Daq}, the finger verbs mean "point (with a specific finger) at or towards". [ … ]
     There are some special uses of the reflexive forms of the finger verbs. For example, while {ghIchwIj vISIq} means "I touch my nose with my index finger" and {ghIchwIjDaq jISIq} means "I point at my nose with my index finger", the phrase {ghIchwIjDaq jISIq'egh} (with {-'egh} oneself), literally "I use at myself my index finger at my nose", is used for {I pick my nose with my index finger}.  Similarly, {nujDajDaq rIl'egh ghu}, literally "at his/her mouth, the baby uses at him/herself his/her thumb", is used for "the baby sucks its thumb".

PUN:  Cf. Lake Cayuga, one of the Finger Lakes in New York state. 

MNEMONIC:  In Anglo-American culture, sticking your middle finger up at someone is an insult; so if you were to {qay} someone, it could be a problem {qay'}.  (taD)

Heng 		finger holes in a musical instrument (v)
'uy 		press down (v)
ngoH		smear; for paint using fingers (v)

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