[tlhIngan Hol] Not for kids! (Content maybe NSFW, but no bad pictures that I saw)

janSIy . kenjutsuka at live.com
Fri Jan 15 04:46:05 PST 2021

Definitely Bingon!  From the SoQ Range page of the app:
satisfyer jan Sey range lutu'lu'bej chu' Qap, haptic yIn SeH DaH nabvam yISeH, ghun Sequences je preset. favorite QoQ ambient wab pagh laH je DanoHmeH SoH chu'wI' nuH stimulation chu'.

My favorite is that there is a page with the title {QOCH}.  Since the entire word is capitalized we have to guess at the first Q, but I'm pretty sure they intended it to be the noun {qoch}.  However, I love the unintentional word play on the verb {qoch}.

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