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Klingon Word of the Day for Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Klingon word: jop
Part of speech: verb
Definition: lunge, thrust

(KGT 59):  There is an extensive vocabulary for the moves associated with bat'leth use. To thrust or lunge toward one's opponent, for example, is {jop}. To deflect a thrust--that is, to parry -- is {way'} ... When teaching someone to use the bat'leth, the tutor will shout out movements -- for example, {yIjop! yIway'!} ("Lunge! Defend!").  Generally in such a situation, however, the tutor will used the shortened form of the language known as Clipped Klingon and skip the imperative prefix {yI-}, leaving only the bare verb: {jop! way'}!  It is important to note that the tutor is giving the student direct commands ("Lunge! Defend!"), not shouting out the names of movements.

tIqDu'Daj DuQqu'meH qeylIS ma'veq cha' 'etlhmey jop 
Kahless impaled his hearts with the two blades of the *mevak*.  (PB)
(KGT 115):   This idiom [{jop 'ej way'}], which means "have an argument", is based on movements associated with the bat'leth. During the course of a bout, both parties, among other things, alternately lunge ({jop}), that is, push the bat'leth toward the opponent, and deflect ({way'}), or use the bat'leth to push the oncoming one away. Each side, then, engages in both offensive and defensive movements, and this alternation of roles is likened to a verbal duel. In using the expression, the appropriate verbal affixes are attached; for example, {wIjoppu' 'ej wIway'pu'} ("We have lunged and we have deflected" -- that is, "We have had an argument").  If the two verbs are reversed ({way' 'ej jop} ["deflect and lunge"]), the idea of have an argument is not present, though the phrase is perfectly well formed if referring to a bat'leth bout.

wIjoppu' 'ej wIway'pu' 
We have lunged and we have deflected. 
(i.e. "We have had an argument.") [sic for {majoppu' 'ej maway'pu'}?] (KGT)

(qep’a’ 2019, in re order or turn)  Use the words {baQ} (“toss bat’leth from one hand to the other”) and {jop} (“lunge”).  
    mabaQ        	we take turns
    jIjop 		it’s my turn
    yIjop 		take your turn!
    bIjopnIS 	you need to take your turn.

jopDI’ ’ovwI’ veb, ’echletHom tlhap
When the next player takes his/her turn, he/she takes a card. (qep’a’ 2020)

ngop yISay’moH!  yIjop! 
Clean the plates! It’s your turn!  (qep’a’ 2020)

(KGT 57):  After all, touching a colored light on a control panel is hardly the same experience as staring into the face of one's enemy while lunging toward him with a drawn blade.

jopwI' jo'  		recoil machinery (n) KBoP

yan 			wield, use or manipulate a sword (v)
baQ 			toss bat’leth from one hand to the other (v)

ghoH 			argue, dispute (v)
Sol 			quarrel (v)
qap 			insist (v)
ja'chuq 			discuss (v)
tlhoch 			contradict (v)
qagh 			interrupt (v)

notlh tonSaw'lIj 	Your argument is invalid. (idiom) (qep'a' 2012)

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