[tlhIngan Hol] using chegh without an object

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Thu Feb 18 07:39:11 PST 2021

More examples:

wa'leS jIchegh 
Tomorrow I will return. KGT

nIteb chegh molor ngIq ghoqwI' 
One by one Molor's scouts return PB

naDevvo' chegh pagh 
[published translation not available] (PB)

lojmItDaj veghta'DI' jubbe'wI'
yInqa'meH chegh 'e' botnIS qotar
Still, Kotar cannot let a mortal
Pass his gates and return alive  [PB, p.122-23]

cheghDI' bangwI' jItIw 
[translation not provided] (qepHom 2017 p.13)

DaH Suto'vo'qor vIjaH 'ach 'opleS jIchegh 'e' vIlay' 
["I go now to StoVoKor, but I promise to come back one day."]
(NON-CANON: DSC, motto on *darsek* coin quoting Kahless)


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From: Lieven L. Litaer

Am 18.02.2021 um 14:09 schrieb mayqel qunen'oS:
> DaH machegh
> I'd rather expect to hear {DaH wIchegh}. The {DaH machegh} gives me 
> the impression of cheng saying, "now we return somewhere unspecified 
> on something which is unspecified too"

Why? It's so clear what he's talking about. Like in English "We're returning".

Just like any other verb without object: {DaH maSop} "We eat now", {DaH maSuv} "we're fighting", ... and I can say {DaH jIghItlh}.

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