[tlhIngan Hol] law' puS with the -taHvIS and type-9 clauses preceding each element

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> We might also suppose that the *reH* remains before the main sentence but
>> that *latlh qabDaq* modifies something else, and *qul* just gets in the
>> way because of the odd syntax. It might be attached to *tuj:* *fire's
>> hot-on-another's-face is many, and all else's hot is few; this is always
>> true.* Or it might be attached to *law':* *fire's hot is many *
>> *on-another's-face, and all else's hot is few; this is always true.*
>  I would think of it as being applied to "A's Q is many", so something
> like "on someone else's face, fire's hot is many; everything (else)'s hot
> is few".
> We also have {DujvamDaq tlhIngan nuH tu'lu'bogh pov law' Hoch pov puS}
> which follows a similar structure. "on this ship, Klingon weapons which are
> found's excellent is many; everything (else)'s excellent is few".

Thinking about this some more, it occurred to me that the {tu'lu'bogh}
changes the scope of {-Daq} explicitly. {DujvamDaq tlhIngan nuH tu'lu'bogh}
is a perfectly good noun phrase (whereas {DujvamDaq tlhIngan nuH} isn't).

This suggests the contrasting:

{tlhIngan nuH pov law' DujvamDaq Hoch tu'lu'bogh pov puS}
"the Klingon weapon is better than anything on this ship"

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