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> There's this alien..
> She loves fruits (apples, oranges, strawberries, bananas, etc..), but she
> hates vegetables (lettuces, cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbages, etc..).
> maj. And now I ask.
> Since we have just one word for both "fruit" *and* "vegetable", how in the
> glorious name of qeylIS the unforgettable are we supposed to say "the alien
> loves fruits, but hates vegetables"?

What's the actual difference that makes the alien prefer one to the other?

A na'ran is a Klingon plant that would probably be considered a fruit from
the culinary/cultural perspective (since it's described as similar to an
orange), so maybe *na'ran rurbogh naHmey muSHa' nov* *The alien loves
edible plant parts that are like na'rans* would suffice. (From a culinary
perspective, fruits are typically sweeter than vegetables, so the fact
that *na'ran
rur* is an expression for "be sweet" also helps.) Or maybe *pormey
Qechjemmey joq bIHbogh naHmey'e' muS nov* *The alien hates edible plant
parts that are leaves and/or stalks*.

I'm also curious to know about a Klingon word specifically for the
botanical "swollen plant ovary" notion of fruit, though sadly it's probably
not happening any time soon.
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