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Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, February 22, 2021

Klingon word: 	DuHmor
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	palace
Source: 	Email to Lieven

(Lieven < MO, 1/01/2018 "Maltz about castles"):
   "In English, a castle is (typically) a building built for protection or fortification.  It can, but doesn't have to be, pretty fancy, but its primary function is defense.  A palace, on the other hand, is (typically) a building built to show off wealth, power, and/or importance, but it's not necessarily the best place to be during a battle.  Having said that, in day-to-day 21st-Century English, the distinction isn't always so clear. 
   "For Klingons, the distinction is also a little murky, since they would never construct a palace (a home for the emperor or some other important person) that was not designed deal with battles.  They might construct a castle, though, that wasn't particularly lavish and not a suitable place for an official residence of the emperor.  The word for such a structure — elegant or otherwise -- is {jem'IH}.  The emperor's castle/palace is simply {ta' jem'IH}.  If, however, the emphasis is to be on the elegance or grandeur of the {jem'IH}, there's another word that can be used: {DuHmor}.  A {DuHmor} is a type of {jem'IH}, so it's a good place for the emperor to hang out.  For clarify, you can say {ta' DuHmor}.   The emperor's official residence would more likely be referred to as a {DuHmor} than a {jem'IH}, but not necessarily always.
   "Klingon ships, of course, are battle-ready, so any ship designed to be the residence of the emperor might, I suppose, be referred to as a {jem'IH} or {ta' jem'IH}.  And if it's a particularly grand place, then {DuHmor} or {ta' DuHmor} could make sense.  (Maybe those are short for {jem'IH Duj} and {DuHmor Duj}.)"

 PUN:  {rom HuD} backwards: "hill of Rome" = Palatine Hill?  I.e. "(one of the seven hills of Rome), on which Augustus and a number of other Roman Emperors had their primary residence and from which we get the English word palace." (QeS, 1/2018)

qach’a’ 		castle  (n) (PB)
  - pup qach'a' 'ach wa' Duy' tu'lu' 
      The castle is perfect, although It has but one flaw (PB)
  - nagh qach'a' rachlu'ta'bogh 'oH Suto'vo'qor'e' 
      Sto-vo-kor, a mighty stone castle (PB)

chalqach 	tower (n)
  - molor chalqach 'avlu'bogh pIrmuS lupawta' 
      they reach the base of Molor's guarded tower (PB)
  - chalqach toS qeylISvam legh neH 
      he [Molor] climbs a watch tower to see this Kahless (PB)
  - Doj chalqachDaj veHmey Hutlh 
      Its towers grand, the space infinite (PB)
  - chalqachlIj rachlu'ta'bogh tutDaq mol'egh betleH 
      The bat'leth sunk into the post of your [Molor's] fortified tower (PB)
  - chalqachDaq bIQaDbe' je 
      Even in a tower you are not safe. (PB)

waw' 		base (military term) (n)
Qo'noS wa' 	Kronos One (SN, Gorkon's flagship)

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