[tlhIngan Hol] imperatives with {-'eghmoH} and verbs of activities

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> Before (re)reading this, I was under the misconception, that when forming
> imperatives, the {-'eghmoH} is required on every verb which happens to be
> intransitive.

There are plenty of canon examples which should've alerted you that it's
otherwise, e.g., {yIqIm}, {yIbuS}, {pa' yIQam}, etc.

> But now, after (re)reading the relevant kgt Ca'Non, I understand that the
> {-'eghmoH} is required *only* on verbs of "state of being".
> So we say {yItuj'eghmoH}, {yIQuch'eghmoH}, {yIyoH'eghmoH}, but we say
> {yItIw}, {yIQong}, {yIHu'}, etc.

{yIHu'} is even spoken on screen in Star Trek III and Star Trek VI.

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