[tlhIngan Hol] Why the half-measure of 'e' neHbe' vavoy?

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Sun Feb 14 05:35:48 PST 2021

On 2/14/2021 8:24 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> However, there's something I'm wondering with regards to this scene..
> How was it that it happened exactly?
> I mean, the author playing 'a'Setbur received a paper with the klingon 
> dialogue, where the {'e' neHbe' vavoy} was written.
> So, the million dollar question is "who wrote that paper?"
> Because if the {'e' neHbe' vavoy} was written by maltz himself, then 
> it'd be sooo tempting to start {'e' neH}ing like there's no tomorrow..

Marc Okrand wrote the line.

When you've got a rule and a single instance of someone breaking that 
rule, you can't just dump the rule. The rule remains the rule even 
though it is not absolute.

"It should be remembered that even though the rules say 'always' and 
'never,' when Klingon is actually spoken these rules are sometimes 
broken. What the rules represent, in other words, is what Klingon 
grammarians agree on as the 'best' Klingon."

"...a good many of the finer points are not covered..."

Without knowing /why /Azetbur breaks the rule, you can't go breaking the 
rule yourself. Maybe the finer point of the rules that hasn't been 
discovered yet says that when discussing the desires of your late 
father, *'e'* may be used with *neH.* Maybe *'e'* can be used on *neH* 
when the subject of *neH* has the endearment suffix on it. You don't know.

I hereby grant you permission to respond with the sentence *'e' neHbe' 
vavoy* anytime someone states a sentiment that your father does not or 
did not agree with.


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