[tlhIngan Hol] law'/puS scope brief conclusion

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> You've misunderstood what "TL;DR" means. It means the writer thinks their
> *own* post is too long, so they're providing a short summary for those who
> don't want to read the whole thing. It's like "SKI" (summary for the
> Klingon impaired), except for the time-impaired instead.

The thing is that long posts might be off-putting to mailing list members
who might have an opinion about something, but don't want to engage in a
grammatical dissection or a debate. But long posts tend to generate long
posts, because a person replying to one might feel like they might be
accused of avoiding the issue if they don't address every point. A "TL;DR"
allows people to reply to a long post with a short one, by ignoring
everything not in the "TL;DR". It's not an insult (at least, that wasn't
its original purpose, though perhaps some people use it as one).

But anyway: does *anyone else* have an opinion of what {reH latlh qabDaq
qul tuj law' Hoch tuj puS} means, and what the comparative grammar is doing
in that sentence? (Short answers only.)

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