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Wed Feb 10 08:22:01 PST 2021

Klingon Word of the Day for Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Klingon word: 	loltaH
Part of speech: 	verb
Definition: 	maintain an attitude (aircraft)

qughmeH Duj vIlolmoH 
I put the vessel in the attitude for cruise (or cruising). [HQ 11.2]

DuHIvmeH SuvwI' lol ghaH 
the warrior is in a stance to attack you [HQ 11.2]

lol  		be in an attitude (i.e. aircraft);  be in a stance/pose (i.e. people or animals) (v)
lolchu'  		be in a correct attitude (i.e. aircraft) (v)
lolchu'taH  	maintain a correct attitude (i.e. aircraft) (v)
lolmoH  	maneuver an aircraft to be in some attitude or other (v)

lolSeHcha  	attitude-control thrusters (n. inherently plural?) 
muD Duj  	airplane (n)

(De’vID < MO, 3/01/2019):  I got confirmation from Maltz that {lol} does not take an object when used for a martial arts stance. The verb to use for that is {much}.
(HQ 11.2):  The attitude of a plane is its orientation relative to something, such as the {ghangwI'} "horizon".  […] Weirdly, although Maltz said he knew of no noun meaning attitude, the noun lol may show up in {lolSeHcha} "attitude control thrusters".  […]  The attitude of an aircraft is often talked about in terms of angles. The word for angle is {tajvaj}.  Klingon {taH} means "be at a negative angle".

(Qov (who is a pilot) [DATE?]):  The attitude of an airplane is its orientation with respect to the horizon. It is explicitly independent of its angle of attack, direction of travel, speed, or whether or not the pilot takes instructions well. In English we define four basic attitudes:  cruise, nose up, nose down, and banked.

ron 		roll, bank [an aircraft] (v)
Der 		yaw (v)
tor 		pitch (v)
QoD 		maneuver (engines) (v)

– "Inertial dampers failing. We're losing attitude control! Maneuvering thrusters are not responding!" (Ro Larin, TNG "Cause and Effect" [after colliding with the USS Bozeman])

– "Adjust the axial stabilizers to match the attitude and rotation rate of the Enterprise." (Picard, TNG "Genesis")

 – "I've regained attitude control of the Enterprise." (Picard, TNG "Genesis")

Voragh, Ca'Non Master of the Klingons
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