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Tue Feb 2 11:11:25 PST 2021

On Tue, 2 Feb 2021 at 17:36, Will Martin <willmartin2 at mac.com> wrote:

> I’m with SuStel on this one.
> As convenient as it would be to have a word for toenail, and as logical as
> this parallel-to-another-word-we-have as this may be, if it’s not in the
> lexicon, it’s not in the lexicon. We can ask Okrand/Maltz for it, but we
> can’t just take it for ourselves.

The reason it's in the {boQwI'} database is because there are several users
who use it to read KLI mailing list emails, and *{yaDpach} has been used
enough times as if it were just a normal word that people expected it to be
analysed. And it's an obvious compound along the lines of what's described
in TKD 3.2.1 (so it's not comparable to something like {'I'}). (I think
Marc Okrand intended the compounding rule to be productive. I'm glad that
it's mostly not, by agreement among skilled speakers, because it makes
Klingon easier to parse.)

Look at who the author of these threads is:
{yaDpach DIngDaq tI DuQwIj} -
{be'nalwI' yaDDu'} -

{boQwI'} isn't only a lexicon but a grammar and word analyser, but it's
used by people to read things authored by people other than Marc Okrand. It
contains some words which don't originate from Marc Okrand, and these are
noted as such. (For example, it contains words made up by Star Trek
authors, although Marc Okrand has recently retroactively blessed almost all
of them.) It's also integrated with KWOTD, so if {yaDpach} shows up as a
KWOTD, it has to be an entry in {boQwI'} or it won't show up.

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