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>Subject: Re: [tlhIngan Hol] "Seasons of Love" in Klingon

>> Well, it turned out that Marc was going to see RENT performed in a few
>> weeks! He also told me that that song had been covered in Klingon, although
>> Marc had never seen/heard the video.
>I think he has seen it and has just forgotten (or at least a version of it,
>if there's more than one recording or performance), because he made the
>following comment about it on Facebook: "Someone actually knows how to use
>Klingon numbers!" (source:

Huh. Well, what do you know.

>Here are the lyrics.>>{vaghbIp cha'netlh vaghSaD javvatlh tup,
>lo'laHbogh vaghbIp cha'netlh vaghSaD poHmey,
>vaghbIp cha'netlh vaghSaD javvatlh tup.
>chay' DIS DajuvlaH?
>bIjuvmeH pemmey, povmey, ramjepmey, qa'vIn HIvje'mey,
>'ujmey, qelI'qammey, naD, QeH ghap Dalo'laH.
>vaghbIp cha'netlh vaghSaD javvatlh tup Dalo'laH.
>chay' wa' yIn DIS DajuvlaH?
>parmaq Dalo'laH'a'?
>parmaq Dalo'laH'a'?
>parmaq Dalo'laH'a'?
>bIjuvmeH parmaq yIlo'.}
>Obviously, since it's a song, there are some liberties taken in the

Like turning miles into kellicams?

>but the grammar is faultless. The pronunciation could have
>been better, but it's quite good for a performer whom (I assume) does not
>actually speak the language.

Good to know the grammar is flawless. Hmmmm . . . if Rachel Bloom probably doesn't speak Klingon, that means someone else must have translated the lyrics. I wonder who wrote the translation.
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