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"A ferrari is a ferrari because it has a number of characteristics no
other car has. And some cars will never be a ferrari."

The only necessary characteristic that a Ferrari has that no other car does
is that it was made by Ferrari S.p.A. No other car (not just "some cars")
can be a Ferrari. The same is true for any brand.

lay'tel SIvten

On Sat, Dec 25, 2021 at 6:13 AM mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:

> De'vID:
> > If your perception of the Klingon-speaking community is based
> > on who's willing to participate in such discussions on this mailing list,
> > your sample may be rather skewed
> I know that it may seem that way, but during the past four years I've
> read every thread in the facebook learn klingon group too. Although
> there are people there, who by some are considered experts, I've never
> read a single reply by them which one could classify as "the reply of
> an expert".
> .. And if someone wonders "then why are you there?", the answer is
> because I want to read the replies of you and SuStel.
> Also, when I came to this list 6 years ago, people who by some are
> considered to be experts were active here, participating in threads.
> But reading these threads again, I can't find a single reason to
> accept any of them as true expert.
> And in the past, I've scrolled through discord without again finding
> any message of value.
> An expert is an expert because he knows things an ordinary person
> doesn't. An expert is an expert because he can explain things no other
> can. An expert is someone whose words when read, you think "so this is
> what's happening! I could never think of that on my own".
> And the only people whose posts make me think that way are your's and
> SuStel's.
> A ferrari is a ferrari because it has a number of characteristics no
> other car has. And some cars will never be a ferrari. That's the
> truth. It's not bad not having one, but it's ridiculous trying to
> convince others that your run-of-the-mill car is indeed a ferrari.
> Of course this is just my opinion, and everyone is free to believe
> whatever he wants to believe. But I refuse to accept as experts people
> who haven't demonstrated the slightest ability of an expert.
> Because, as we say in Greece "the teacher next to who you'll sit, will
> determine the things you'll learn"; meaning that the teacher you'll
> accept and trust will determine how good you'll become.
> If I took any of these people seriously, I wouldn't be able to even
> write "my name is.." in Klingon.
> t
> teHlaw'; 'a qaStaHvIS loS DIS vorgh, Hoch facebook learn klingon ghom
> QIn vIlaDpu' je. pa' 'op nuv tu'lu', 'ej chaHvaD po'wI' luDamlu', 'a
> jangmeH QInmeychaj vIlaDtaHvIS, not po'wI' mu'mey vItu'pu'.
> .. DaH SIvchoHchugh vay': < vaj qatlh pa' SoHtaH? > jIjang: < SoH
> SuStel je jangmeH QInmey vIlaD vIneHmo' >
> 'ej potlh latlh ngoD je; jav ben naDev vIpawpu', ngugh naDev chaHtaH
> 'op'e', jeS, 'ej 'opvamvaD po'wI' luDamlu'. pIj poHvam QIn tlheghmey
> vIlaDqa', 'a not nuvpu'vamvaD po'wI'na' vIDamchoHlaH.
> pa'logh, discord vIlaDpu', 'a not lo'laHbogh QIn vItu'pu'.
> nuv motlh Sov neH ghajlaH vay', po'wI' ghaHbe'bej. pagh'e' QIjlaHbogh
> vay' QIjlaHmo' vay', po'wI'na' ghaH nuvvam'e'. vay' mu'mey
> DalaDtaHvIS, bIQubchoHchugh < vaj QInvam 'oH QIjchu'ghach'e'! not
> nIteb QIjchu'ghach'e' 'otHa'pu'bogh nuvvam vIQublaHpu' > *nuvvam* ghaH
> po'wI'na''e'.
> 'ej yabwIjDaq mu'meyvam narghmoHlaH SoH SuStel je neH QInmey.
> 'op DI'on le'mo' ferrari 'oH ferrari'e', 'ej not ferrari moj 'op puH
> Duj. vItvam temlaH pagh. ferrari ghajbe'chugh vay', qabbe'. 'a ferrari
> 'oH puHDaj motlh'e' latlhpu'vaD 'e' ponmeH vay', nIDchugh, tagha'
> nuS'egh nuvvam.
> 'a vuDwIj neH vI'otHa', 'ej jaS HarlaH Hoch. 'a not po'wI'na' laH
> 'aghpu'chugh vay', vay'vamvaD po'wI' vIDamQo'.
> 'elaDya'Daq wa' vIttlhegh tu'lu':  < ghojmoHwI' retlhDaq bIba'; tagha'
> Sov Dachavbogh perchu' ghojmoHwI'vam'e' > povchugh ghojmoHwI'vam, pov
> je tagha' ghojmoHwI'vammo' Sov Dachavpu'bogh. ngoDvam Del vIttleghvam.
> tlhIngan Hol vIlo'taHvIS, vabDot < .. 'oH pongwIj'e' >
> jIjatlhlaHbe'chu', Sarvam nuvpu' vIvoqpu'chugh.
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