[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: vagh

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Tue Dec 21 08:20:39 PST 2021

Klingon word: vagh
Part of speech: num
Definition: five

vagh rep bImejnIS 
Check out time is five A.M.  CK

vagh pu'HIchmey 
five phasers  CK

vaghvatlh qelI'qam 
[Five hundred kellicams.] ST3 (untranslated)

He pagh-pagh-vagh-jav-pagh-jav yInab 
Plot course (ST5 notes) 

cha'maH vagh vatlhvI' Hong, QIt yIghoS 
Slow to one quarter impulse power. ST5

HovpoH Hut vagh cha' wa' vI' jav Dujvam 'aghlu'pu' 'ach Qaw'lu'pu' 
[This ship was demonstrated on Stardate 9521.6 but it was destroyed.] 
  S33 (untranslated)

vagh 'ujmey vI'ab 
I have a length of five ujs, I'm five ujs tall. (st.k 10/22/1997)

wejvatlh loSmaH loS vI' vagh wej 'uj 'aD Duj 
Length: 120 M.  KBoP

HIvtaHvIS toQDuj cha'vatlh wejmaH Soch vI' vagh chorgh 'uj 'ab 'oH 
Attack Formation Height: 82.75 M.  KBoP

cha' vI' vagh choQmey lutoghlu' 
Number of Decks: 2.5  KBoP

qughDo motlh:  pIvlob vagh 
Normal Cruising Speed - Warp 5  KBoP

'aqroS qughDo:  pIvlob Hut vI' vagh 
Maximum Cruising Speed - Warp 9.5   KBoP

wejvatlh SochmaH vagh SaD cheb'a'mey ngI' Duj 
Mass: 8.7 KT.  KBoP

vagh SanID ben buDbe' wamwI'pu'.  ngugh Ho'Du'chaj lo' chaH,
 'ach DaH tajmey lo'. 
5,000 years ago, hunters were not lazy. Then (at that time) they
 used their teeth, but now they use knives.  (st.k 11/1999)

vagh nItlhDu' 
five fingers  (HQ 10.2)

vagh yaDDu' 
five toes  (HQ 10.2)

vagh loch wej 
3/5  (qep’a’ 2019)

(KGT p.73):  The independent words for the numbers three through nine were not originally a part of the Klingon counting system, but they had to come from somewhere. The musical scale is the likely source. The word for the fourth musical tone, {loS}, began to be used for the number four, and so on through the eighth tone, {chorgh}.

Do’natu vagh 	Donatu V (planet name)
HenrI' vagh 	Henry V  (play by Shakespeare) 
QIn vagh 	spearhead with multiple points (n)
Sol vagh 	Jupiter (planet name, a.k.a. {jupI’ter})
vagh  		fifth tone of nonatonic musical scale (n)

yutlhegh 	(musical) scale (n)

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