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Mon Dec 6 08:09:56 PST 2021

Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, December 06, 2021

Klingon word: 	Dan
Part of speech: 	verb
Definition: 	occupy (military term)

AFAIK never used in a sentence.

Do not confuse with {Dab} "occupy", i.e. reside at.

KIRK: 	So we're stranded here, in the middle of a Klingon occupation army. 
SPOCK: 	So it would seem. Not a very pleasant prospect. 
KIRK: 	You have a gift for understatement, Mister Spock. It's not a very 
	pleasant prospect at all.  [TOS “Errand of Mercy”]

KLINGON GUARD:   He is a Vulcanian merchant, mainly concerned with how 
	he will carry on business under our occupation.
GOVERNOR KOR:    He will find that business has taken a turn for the worse.
 (TOS "Errand of Mercy")

Klingon Special Occupation Order No. 4 requires that 200 local hostages be killed every two hours until a spy/saboteur is given up. (TOS "Errand of Mercy")

“If the Klingon Empire has reverted to the old practices, they will occupy the Cardassian homeworld, execute all government officials, and install an imperial overseer to put down any further resistance.” (Worf to SiSko, DS9 “The Way of the Warrior, Pt. II”)

jon 		capture; commandeer (MKE) (v)
HeD 		retreat, withdraw (v)

Voragh, Ca'Non Master of the Klingons
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    year or two. I’ve fallen woefully behind in updating my files.

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