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When that time comes, some will say: "We need to take over; the language
must not remain stagnant. It needs to grow."

And I ask: What will be that which you will contribute?

Vocabulary? But already any intermediate level speaker can say anything he

Grammar? Do you think you are capable to expand known grammar, or answer
questions which even okrand himself chose never to clarify?

No. Your goals will be different:

1. You will want your names to remain in the history of the language as the
people who took over.
2. You will want to have the satisfaction of people asking you to grant
them new vocabulary.
3. You will want to have even more opportunities to be employed as
"experts", thus gaining an advantage over anyone else who wants the job,
but isn't on the "committee".

.. Because why would a company hire anyone else, when it could hire those
who create canon?

And because someone may wonder.. I've never used klingon financially, and I
never will. To me klingon was never a means to earn money, and it never
will be.

Now to avoid misunderstandings.. 1,2 and 3 aren't something bad. There's
nothing wrong with someone wanting his name to be remembered, there's
nothing wrong with wanting to be the leader in a group/community. And there
certainly isn't something wrong in trying to increase your business
opportunities. There's nothing wrong in capitalizing on something, and by
saying "capitalize on" I mean "using something in order to help your

But I don't see why I should be someone accepting the authority of such a
"committee". Am I obligated to act in order that some of the people on that
committee achieve these goals? Because how would they achieve these goals
if they never found anyone to accept their authority?

And there's another matter here which needs to be discussed: the very
participation in such a "committee" of people using klingon professionaly,
raises the question of objectivity in their choices.

But that will be explained in the next post.


< raptaH Hol 'e' wIchaw'be'nIS; latlh pab latlh mu'tay' je tu'nISlu'. vaj
'oqranD wIgheSnIS > jajvetlh jatlh 'op.

'a DaH jIghel: < chay' Sughaq? >

mu'tay' chu' bochenmoH'a'? wejHa' Hoch neHbogh jatlhlaH Hoch laH ghIl Hol

pab chu' bochenmoH'a'? wejHa' pab tu'lu'bogh boQIjchu''a'? not vay'
QIjchu'pu'bogh 'oqranD boQIjqangchu''a'? laHvam boghaj 'e' boHar'a'?

pImchu' ngoQraj:

1. 'oqranD lugheSpu'bogh nuv tlhIH net qaw boneH.
2. latlh mu'tay' luHevmeH 'op, tlhIH wuv 'opvam boneH.
3. tlhIHvaD nargh latlh malja' 'ebmey boneH. 'a yejvamDaq jeSbe'bogh
nuvpu'vaD maybe' ghu'vam.

yejvam nuv wIvlaHchugh wa' malja', qatlh yejvam jeSbe'wI' qelnIS?

'ej chaq SIvchoHmo' vay'.. not jIHvaD malja' 'oHpu' tlhIngan Hol'e', 'ej
not malja' moj.

DaH vIyajHa'be'lu'meH, vay' vIQIjnIS: qabbe'bej 1,2,3 je. Daqawlu'
DaneHchugh, ghomDaq DevwI' Damoj DaneHchugh, qabbe'. 'ej SoHvaD latlh
malja' 'ebmey DanarghmoH DaneHchugh, qabbe'bej.

'a qatlh Sarvam yej woQ vIlajnIS? ngoQmeyvam chavmeH 'op, jIvangnIS'a'? 'ej
chaq DaH yajbe'mo' vay', jIghel: < woQchaj lajqangbogh pagh'e' tu'lu'chugh,
chay' ngoQmeychaj chav Sarvam yej nuvpu'? >

'ej latlh qelnISlu'bogh tu'lu' je. Sarvam yejDaq jeSchugh vay', 'a ghaHvaD
malja' 'oH je tlhIngan Hol'e', chay' wIvmeyDaj voqlaH latlhpu'? wuqtaHvIS
Sarvam nuv/nuvpu', nuv/nuvpu'vam (lu)SIghbe'lu''a'?

'a QIn veb Sojvam vIDIgh.

Ζεὺς ἦν, Ζεὺς ἐστίν, Ζεὺς ἔσσεται· ὦ μεγάλε Ζεῦ
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