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Wed Dec 22 03:51:03 PST 2021


If there is a concept in the klingon speaking community which is
systematically misunderstood and misapplied, it is the concept of an
"expert". So let's make something clear.

The fact that you've translated subtitles doesn't make you an expert.
The fact that you've translated whole texts doesn't make you an expert.
The fact that you've worked on a klingon learning app doesn't make you
an expert.

All these can serve to dazzle beginners in facebook, but again
dazzling beginners in facebook doesn't make you an expert. At best
you're fluent. But there's an abyss separating fluency from being an
expert. I speak greek fluently, but I'm not an expert on the greek

An expert isn't just someone who's fluent; an expert is someone with a
deeper insight/understanding of how things work. An expert is someone
able to answer the hard questions. And it's really sad to see so many
worshiping people who have never answered a difficult question.

As long as I can remember, the only two people who have demonstrated
the ability to answer questions which no one else couldn't are SuStel
and De'vID, and they are the only ones who I consider to be experts in
the true sense of the word.

Of course, someone can say.. "There are definitely people of similar
skill, but they are inactive".

True; there may be people of SuStel/De'vID skill in the community who
for whatever reason choose to remain silent for years. But now I ask..

If for whatever reason you chose to remain silent for years, although
you are a true expert, then why would you be willing to become active
again as a member of some "klingon language committee"? Did your
life's circumstances just happen to change, on the day okrand chose to
retire, allowing you to grace us with your immense grasp of the
language? Or is it something else that you seek?

And this now is the important question.. "What will be the true
purposes of some of the people who will try to replace okrand"?

But this is the subject of the next post


tlhIngan nughDaq wa' mu' yajHa'lu'chu'bogh 'ej lo'Ha'lu'chu'bogh
tu'lu'chugh, {po'wI'} 'oH mu'vam'e'. vaj vay' vIQIjnISchu':

SoHvaD po'wI' nImojmoHbe' mughbogh per DachenmoHpu'.
SoHvaD po'wI' nImojmoHbe' tlhIngan Hol ghItlh Damughpu'bogh.
SoHvaD po'wI' nImojmoHbe' tlhIngan Hol ghojmeH nIqHom mu'tlhegh Daqonpu'bogh.

Doj Hochvam 'e' luHarlaH facebook taghwI', 'a vabDot qaSchugh ghu'vam,
po'wI' Damojpu'be'. chaq Hol Dalo'laHchu', 'a pImchu' {Hol
lo'laHchu'wI'} {po'wI'} je. 'elaDya' Hol vIjatlhchu', 'a 'elaDya' Hol
po'wI' jIHbe'bej.

vabDot Hol lo'laHchu'chugh vay', ghaHvaD po'wI' mojmoHbe' ngoDvam.
po'wI'na' ghaHmeH vay''e', Hol pab yajchu' net poQ, 'ej vay' Qatlh
yajmeH nuv, gheltaHvIS nuvvam, nuvvamvaD janglaHchu' po'wI'vam net
pIH. 'a vay' Qatlh luyajmeH 'op, gheltaHvIS 'opvam, not janglaHpu'
latlhpu', 'ej Do'Ha' latlhpu'vam QejqangtaH 'op.

qaStaHvIS poH Hoch vIqawlaHbogh, Qatlhbogh pab Sojmey DIghlaH cha' nuv
neH: SuStel De'vID je. pab Soj Qatlh DIghlaH pagh latlh. 'ej SuStelvaD
De'vIDvaD je neH po'wI'pu'na' vIDam.

'a DaH chaq jatlhqang vay': < SuStel De'vID je laH lughajbogh latlh
tu'lu' je, 'a jeSbe' nuvpu'vam. >

teH; chaq tlhIngan jatlhwI' nughDaq SuStel De'vID je laH lu'aghlaHbogh
nuv tu'lu', 'ej nuvpu'vam jeSqangbe'moH vay' Sovbe'lu'bogh. 'a DaH

< po'wI'na' SoH, 'ej qaStaHvIS DIS law'qu', bItamtaH 'e' DawIv; maj.
qatlh pay' bIchoHpu'? hmm? qatlh pay' tlhIngan Hol yejDaq
bIjeSqangchoHpu'? pajpu'DI' 'oqranD, ngugh choHchu'pu''a' yInlIj
ghu'mey? pajpu'DI' 'oqranD, ngugh maHvaD Sov'a'lIj DabonqangchoHpu'?
..pagh qaS'a' pImchu'bogh vay'? >

'ej DaH potlhchu'bogh vay' wIghojmeH, maghelnIS: < nuq bIH 'oqranD
lugheSbogh 'op nuv ngoQna''e'? >

'a QIn vebDaq Sojvam vIDIgh.

Ζεὺς ἦν, Ζεὺς ἐστίν, Ζεὺς ἔσσεται· ὦ μεγάλε Ζεῦ

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