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Klingon Word of the Day for Sunday, December 12, 2021

Klingon word: 	qo'la' 'awje'
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	cola (coke)
Source: 	EuroTalk Talk Now Klingon

AFAIK {qo'la' 'awje"} has never been used in a sentence.

'awje'  		type of beverage (e.g. root beer) (n)

‘awje’ vItlhutlh;  HIq vItlhutlh ‘e’ qa’ 
‘awje’ vItlhutlh;  HIq (‘e’) qa’ 
I drink root beer instead of liquor. (qep'a' 2018) 

(a known {bang pong })
(KGT 201):  Perhaps these words could be rendered in Federation Standard as ... "poppy" (from soda pop), though neither translation conveys the intimacy and intensity of the Klingon." 

(KGT 95):  A popular effervescent drink, black in color, is called {'awje'}. This is frequently, though not accurately, translated as "root beer," probably because of its superficial resemblance to the Federation soft drink, but it is made from, among other things, the marrow ({melchoQ}) taken from the bones of a {teghbat} (*teg'bat*). It is considered relatively mild, even for a Klingon nonalcoholic drink.

(Lawrence Schoen on {'awje'}, HQ 6.2: 20):  Okrand was quick to point out that this was not a literal translation, but rather more of a generic term for a non-potent beverage, one which occurs in Klingon proverbs and was probably what Worf meant when remarking that you cannot pry secrets out of someone with root beer.

(SuSvaj, [date?]):  I was surprised to learn that we were using {'awje'} incorrectly at the qep'a' [loSDIch]. It is not a general term for any non-potent drink, but is a specific beverage, that is similar in appearance to root beer. In fact, Okrand points out that there is no single all-purpose word for soft drink.

  Quark and Garak both despised root beer, calling it "vile" and considering it a metaphor for the "insidious" pervasiveness of the Federation. Quark remarked that root beer was "so bubbly and cloying, and happy... just like the Federation", also noting that "if you drink enough of it, you begin to like it – just like the Federation." Quark asserted that Nog's acquired taste for the beverage heralded the end of Ferengi civilization. (DS9 “Facets”, “The Way of the Warrior, Part II”) 

{A W je'} < "A & W", i.e. a popular brand of U.S. root beer. Cf. www.rootbeer.com  

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