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>I'm sure both that a {Qa'Hom} is a different species than a {Qa'} and that
>the word is indeed {Qa'} + {-Hom}. So I don't think {-Hom} makes the name
>of the young of animals. 

This is a good point! I hadn't even thought of *Qa'* and *Qa'Hom*. The Qa'Hom is more mouse-like, and the Qa' more rat-like, right? (Because rats are bigger than mice.)

>Where did you see/hear/read that this was "the
>standard way" to do so?

It was some post several months ago on this list that mentioned it in passing. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the post. I tried googling *vIghro'Hom" and "DIraqHom" and other similar words, but those searches didn't pull up anything relevant either.

>> Then we have KLV Klingon/Standard Vocabulary - KLV
>> <https://sites.google.com/a/klingonword.org/klv/klv-klingon-standard-vocabulary>,
>> which uses *SarghHom* for "donkey".
>I don't think the KLV "translation" project is viewed highly by most
>skilled Klingon speakers (to put it politely).

Thanks for letting me know!

It isn't a Bing-style translation, is it?  
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