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Tue Dec 28 22:46:28 PST 2021

As you may recall, I had a dream a few weeks ago wherein Marc Okrand revealed a list of new disease names in Klingon, and one of them was *vaghvha'vagh* for AIDS.

I told Marc about my dream, and he said it was interesting that not only do I have a dream in Klingon, but I remember it too! He couldn't figure out why "AIDS" translated to 5-2-5, and I explained that it was because RENT, a musical with many HIV+ characters, sang "525 minutes".

Well, it turned out that Marc was going to see RENT performed in a few weeks! He also told me that that song had been covered in Klingon, although Marc had never seen/heard the video. I googled "klingon 'seasons of love'", and found it, then shared the video with Marc. A young lady named Rachel Bloom sings the song, with such Klingon passion evident in those H's, and the pronunciation in general. I wondered whether 525,000 tupmey were actually in a Klingon year, since they're on a different planet.

Marc found this page: https://www.neatorama.com/2012/08/25/iRenti-in-Klingon/?fbclid=IwAR3Glk8rwlvwCiO6hFxtQuJmitsaY2yf8vfdoLKmpFpUiovOgonTuYLazJw

That page had the answer. YouTube commenter Jordan Knight commented, as many of you who are Trekkies or otherwise experts on Klingon culture may already know, that there are 553,248 tupmey in a Klingon DIS.

Those of you who consider yourself masterful Klingonists (or whom mayqel would consider experts, whatever), what do you think of Rachel's pronunciation, grammar, and usage?

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