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Tue Dec 21 02:45:21 PST 2021

On TKD p. 29, in the example for {-'e'}, there's the sentence {lujpu'
jIH'e'}, which looks like it's missing a prefix {jI-}.

Dr. Okrand confirmed to me that this is a typo. He mentioned this in
passing while we were going through the paq'batlh, as {jIlujpu'} appears on
p. 71.

This sentence happened to come up in a discussion on Discord, so I thought
I'd mention this fact here for posterity. I think everyone already knew it
was an error, anyway.

(Also, for anyone wondering about the status of the paq'batlh 2ed, I've
done as much as I can in making the revisions that Dr. Okrand had clear
ideas about, and the rest is up to Dr. Okrand to make a few final decisions
and the publishers to incorporate the edits. So it's out of my hands now. I
have no ideas about any publication date.)

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