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Klingon word: 	baS
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	metal

'ej bejtaHvIS baS moj jIb 
his hair … turned to steel before his eyes  (PB)

(KGT 79):  The closest to a general term in this realm may be the verb {raQ}, which means "manipulate by hand, handle".  It can be applied to carving, sculpting, metalworking, and the like…


(KGT 97):  Pots that may be put on top of a fire in order to heat their contents are made of metal (baS)... 

(KGT 27):  In some regions, a {bargh} [flat-bottomed pot] made of metal is a {mIv} (which also means helmet, even though, historically speaking, helmets are not necessarily made of metal)…

(KGT 99):  Each dish is brought to the table (raS) on a platter ('elpI'), usually made of metal.

(KGT 42):  Among the upper classes, the word {tu'lum} [teacup] is used with some frequency, though, strictly speaking, this archaic word used to mean only a cup made of metal.

  Bloodwine is transported and stored in metal barrels (DS9 "Apocalypse Rising", "Warriors of the Empire", et al.)
(KGT 67):  Included in this category is the {ghanjaq}, often translated as mace, a club with a metal head, sometimes sporting spikes (DuQwI'mey).

 (KGT 67):  As protection against these various weapons, a warrior often carried a shield, or {yoD}, basically a large plate of metal... (Although the Federation Standard word "shields" refers to both the old hand-held protective armor, and the force field protecting a vessel--the newer meaning clearly based on the older--in Klingon, there is no connection between the two.

"bash" (the sound metal makes when you hit it) or "base metal"

baS Ha’on  		staple (n)
baS laSvargh  		foundry (n)
baS SIrgh  		wire (n) 
baS 'In  			bell (percussion instrument made of metal)

jey' 			tin (n)
   jey' Sorpuq 		   bronze (n)
ngIDvoS 		lead (n)
Sorpuq 			copper (n)
velSo’ 			chromium (n)
   velSo’ ‘uSqan 		   stainless steel (n)
‘uSqan 			iron (n)

Qu 			cast [metal] (v)
   QumeH ngaSwI’ 	   mold (for casting) (n)
pet 			be welded (together) (v)
tet 			melt (v)

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