[tlhIngan Hol] {'e'} of a sao and quotations

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Fri Aug 20 04:53:56 PDT 2021

> The rule is stated in TKD: "Similarly, with verbs of saying (say, tell,
ask, etc.),
>  'e' and net are not used. The two phrases simply follow one another, in
either order."

Ok, wait. Does that rule concern too cases, where the purpose of the
speaker isn't to actually quote something?

I knew that we can't quote things with the {'e'} of a sao; and because of
this reason, in my initial post I wrote:

 {< nucholpu' jaghpu' > jIjatlhpu' HoDvaD 'e' yIjatlh}

I didn't write:

{jIjatlhpu' < nucholpu' jaghpu' > HoDvaD 'e' yIjatlh}

And intentionally I didn't write it this way, because if I wrote it this
way, then in the sao, the object would be the quotation indeed. And this
shows where my confusion is:

When we say "quotation" what do we actually mean? The way I understand it,
if there's: {yaDDa yaDDa yaDDa, jIjatlhpu'}, then the quotation is *only*
the {yaDDa yaDDa yaDDa}. The quotation isn't the {jIjatlhpu'} (which I
don't know what it actually is..).

So, in the  {< nucholpu' jaghpu' > jIjatlhpu' HoDvaD 'e' yIjatlh}, no rules
are broken, because the object of the sao isn't the quotation, but only the

Look at it another way..

Q waved his hand and an officer was rendered unable to talk for a period of
time; then Q's power wears off, and the officer starts speaking again. So,
he says to another member of the crew:

jIjatlhqa'pu' HoDvaD 'e' yIja'
tell to the captain that I've spoken again

There's no quotation here. There are no words to be repeated for the
captain. Similarly, in the {< nucholpu' jaghpu' > jIjatlhpu' HoDvaD 'e'
yIjatlh}, the object is the {jIjatlhpu'} and the < nucholpu' jaghpu' > is
something which happily just happens to sit by, away from the {'e'}.

So we're all happy, yes?

~ Dana'an
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