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Sun Aug 8 19:09:13 PDT 2021

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>Am 08.08.2021 um 15:38 schrieb mayqel qunen'oS:
>> James Landau:
>>  >?How would you say "oil", in the sense of
>>  > petroleum, in Klingon?
>I'm not sure how exact you need this word, but we do have {watrIn}
>"lubricant" and {nIn} "fuel", which both touch the meaning of oil.
>Before we had {watrIn}, Okrand suggested to use {QuQ HuH} in my
>translation of the Little Prince.

Well, I finally came up with something . . .

nagh nIn

rock fuel

It's a calque of the Latin "petroleum".

'avghanIStanDaq nagh nIn noH ghob George way Bush

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