[tlhIngan Hol] where the adverb refers and {tlhoS}

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Thu Aug 26 05:15:32 PDT 2021

Ok.. In case someone hasn't realized it yet:

I'm a cat, klingon is a vase, and its' grammar is the table on which the
vase stands; I will push the vase, and I will push it again until it falls
off, because that's what cats do.

With this being said..

I realized that there's something with regards to the {vabDot}, which goes
for the {tlhoS} too.

Suppose I write:

vabDot vIghro' tIQ DagheplaH
you'll be able to hold even the ancient cat
you'll even be able to hold the ancient cat
even *you* will be able to hold the ancient cat

All these meanings are possible depending on the context.

All this I knew, as far as the {vabDot} is concerned; but I just realized
that all this can apply to the {tlhoS} too:

tlhoS wa'vatlh cha'pujqut Dalo'nIS
you'll need to use almost one hundred dilithium crystals
you'll almost need to use one hundred dilithium crustals
almost *you* will need to use one hundred dilithium crystals

Granted.. Translation number two is weird, and translation number three is
meaningless, but the important thing here is that seemingly/apparently,
whatever goes for the {vabDot}, goes for the {tlhoS} too.

~ D
here ancient kitty.. here ancient kitty..
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