[tlhIngan Hol] {'e'} of a sao in {law'} {puS} constructions

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Tue Aug 24 06:09:34 PDT 2021

On 8/24/2021 8:16 AM, Lieven L. Litaer wrote:
> Am 24.08.2021 um 14:06 schrieb mayqel qunen'oS:
>> The question is whether this use of {'e'} in a law'/puS construction
>> could be considered to be correct. But I think that it isn't, because in
>> the slots of a law'/puS construction the only thing allowed is either a
>> noun, or a pronoun as {jIH}, {SoH}, {ghaH}, etc, because pronouns can
>> act like nouns too.
> I think you are right saying that it is not allowed, but I'd explain it
> differently, based on how the sentence as object works, from TKD:
> "[pronouns 'e' and net] are used primarily, not exclusively, with verbs
> of thinking or observation (such as "know, see"). They are always
> treated as the object of the verb."

And a noun in a comparative or superlative sentence is not an object.

There is no prohibition against using pronouns in 
comparatives/superlatives. For example, *jIH Doy' law' SoH Doy' puS*/I 
am more tired than you are./ 


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