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*Aeolus* - God of the winds.

*Aether* - Primeval god of the upper air.

*Alectrona* - Solar goddess of the morning or waking up.

*Anemoi* - Gods of the winds.

    Aparctias another name for the north wind (not identified with Boreas).
    Apheliotes god of the east wind (when Eurus is considered southeast).
    Argestes another name for the west or northwest wind.
    Boreas  god of the north wind and of winter.
    Caicias god of the northeast wind.
    Circios or Thraskias god of the north-northwest wind.
    Euronotus god of the southeast wind.
    Eurus god of the unlucky east or southeast wind.
    Lips god of the southwest wind.
    Notus god of the south wind.
    Skeiron god of the northwest wind.
    Zephyrus god of the west wind.

*Arke*  - Messenger of the Titans and twin sister of Iris.

*Astraios* - God of stars and planets, and the art of astrology.

*The Astra Planeti* - Gods of the five wandering stars or planets.

    Stilbon - God of Hermaon, the planet Mercury.
    Eosphorus - God of Venus the morning star.
    Hesperus - God of Venus the evening star.
    Pyroeis - God of Areios, the planet Mars.
    Phaethon - God of Dios, the planet Jupiter.
    Phaenon - God of Kronion, the planet Saturn.

*Aurai* - Nymphs of the cooling breeze.

    Aura - Goddess of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of early morning.

*Chione* - Goddess of snow and daughter of Boreas.

*Eos* - Goddess of the dawn.

*Ersa* - Goddess of the morning dew.

*Helios* - God of the sun and guardian of oaths.

*Hemera* - Primeval goddess of the day.


*aeolus *- loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’. SuSmey Qun.

*aether *- loD ghaHbogh bI’reS’a’-Qun’e’. Dung rewve’ Qun.

*alectrona *- be' ghaHbogh jul-Qun’e’. po Qun. vem nuv; ghu’vam Qun.

*anemoi *- loD chaHbogh Qun’e’. pongmeychaj: *aparctias* (0 lawrI’ lurgh
SuS latlh pong. rap *aparctias* *boreas* je net Dambe’), *apheliotes* (135
lawrI’ lurgh SuS ‘oS *eurus* net Damchugh, 90 lawrI’ lurgh SuS Qun ghaH
*apheliotes*‘e’), *argestes* (270 lawrI’ 315 law’rI’ joq lurgh SuS latlh
pong), *boreas* (0 lawrI’ lurgh SuS Qun. qImroq bIrqu’ Qun), *caicias* (45
lawrI’ lurgh SuS Qun), *circios*/*thraskias* (337,5 lawrI’ lurgh SuS Qun),
*euronotus* (135 lawrI’ lurgh SuS Qun), *eurus* (90 lawrI’ 135 lawrI’ joq
lurgh SuS Do’Ha’ Qun), *lips* (225 lawrI’ lurgh SuS Qun), *notus* (180
lawrI’ lurgh SuS Qun), *skeiron* (315 lawrI’ lurgh SuS Qun), *zephyrus*
(270 lawrI’ lurgh SuS Qun).

*arke *- *titans* QIn qengwI’, *iris* be’nI’ (boghpu’ *arke*, boghpu’ *iris*;
quqpu’ cha’ wanI’vam).

*astraios *- loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’. Hovmey yuQmey je Qun. Human yInmey, tera’
wanI’mey je SIgh Hovmey yuQmey je ‘e’ luHar ‘op, vaj Hovmey yuQmey je Quv
He je HaD; mIwvam Qun ghaH je *astraios*‘e’.

*astra planeti *- loD chaHbogh Qun’e’. vagh lengbogh Hovmey/yuQmey Qun
chaH. pongmeychaj: *stilbon* (*hermaon* –*mercury* yuQ- Qun), *eosphorus* (
*venus* -po Hov- Qun), *hesperus* (*venus* -choS Hov- Qun), *pyroeis* (
*areios* –*mars* yuQ- Qun), *phaethon* (*dios* -jupiter yuQ- Qun), *phaenon*
(*kronion* –*saturn* yuQ- Qun).

*aurai *- Qey’moHbogh SuS *nymphs*. *aura* (SuS Qun. po ‘eq chu’bogh ‘ej
Qey’bogh rewve’ Qun).

*chione *- chal chuch Qun, *boreas* puqbe’.

*eos *- be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’. jajlo’ Qun.

*ersa *- be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’. po ‘eSreH Qun.

*helios *- loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’. jul Qun. ‘Ip pabHa’lu’chugh, ruv qaSmoH

*hemera *- be’ ghaHbogh bI’reS’a’-Qun’e’. pem Qun.

~ Dana'an
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