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*Aegaeon* - God of violent sea storms and ally of the Titans.

*Amphitrite* - Sea goddess and consort of Poseidon.

*Benthesikyme* - Daughter of Poseidon, who resided in Ethiopia.

*Brizo* - Patron goddess of sailors, who sent prophetic dreams.

*Ceto* - Goddess of the dangers of the ocean and of sea monsters.

*Cymopoleia* - A daughter of Poseidon married to the Giant Briareus.

*Eidothea* - Prophetic sea nymph and daughter of Proteus.

*Glaucus* - The fisherman's sea god and oracle.

*Leucothea* - A sea goddess who aided sailors in distress.


*aegaeon* - bIQ’a’Daq jevchu’; ghu’vam loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’; *titans* boqwI’.

*amphitrite* - bIQ’a’ be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’; *poseidon* ‘Ipnal.

*benthesikyme* *- poseidon* puqbe’; *ethiopia* Dab.

*brizo* - be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’; bIQ’a’ Duj beqpu’ QanwI’ le’. QongtaHvIS
nuv, nuvvam najmoH *brizo*, ‘ej tuch lu’otHa’ Suchtuv ngeHbogh Qunvam.

*ceto* - be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’; bIQ’a’ Qobmey bIQ’a’ tlhapraghmey je Qun.

*cymopoleia* - *poseidon* puqbe’; *giant* ghaHbogh *briareus*‘e’ tlhoghpu’.

*eidothea* - tuch rItbogh bIQ’a’ *nymph*; *proteus* puqbe’ ghaH.

*glaucus* - loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’; ghotI’ wamwI’pu’ bIQ’a’ Qun. ghotI’
wamwI’pu’vaD tuch ‘otHa’meH *glaucus*, maqlegh ghogh lo’.

*leucothea* - be’ ghaHbogh bIQ’a’ Qun’e’; SottaHvIS bIQ’a’ Duj beqpu’,
beqpu’vam QaH *leucothea*.

~ Dana'an

*peQuch'eghmoH olympus QunpeQuch'eghmoH 'elaDya'nganpu'na' Qun*
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