[tlhIngan Hol] homer iliad, 6.266-8

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Wed Aug 4 06:26:56 PDT 2021


“…and with hands unwashed I would take shame to pour the glittering wine to
Zeus; there is no means for a man to pray to the dark-misted son of Kronos,
with blood and muck all splattered upon him.”


*zeus*vaD ghonbogh HIq vIlIchchoHpu'pa', ghopDu'wIj vISay'moHpu'be'chugh*,*
jItuHchoH; nuv porgh luveltaHvIS 'Iw lam char je, vI'laS Hurgh *kronos*
puqloDvaD jatlhlaHbe' nuvvam; qItbe'chu'.

~ Dana'an
khaire zeus 'elaDya'nganpu'na' Qun
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