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*Hades* - God of underworld and all things beneath the earth.

*Hecate* - goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts, and

*Judges of the Dead* - Aiakos (former mortal king of Aegina, guardian of
the keys of Hades and judge of the men of Europe), Minos (former mortal
king of Crete and judge of the final vote), Rhadamanthys (former mortal
lawmaker and judge of the men of Asia).

*Keuthonymos* - An Underworld spirit and father of Menoetes.

*Lampades* - Torch-bearing Underworld nymphs. Gorgyra. Orphne (a Lampad
nymph of Hades, mother of Askalaphos).

*Macaria* - Daughter of Hades and goddess of blessed death (not to be
confused with the daughter of Heracles).

*Melinoe* - Daughter of Persephone and Zeus who presided over the
propitiations offered to the ghosts of the dead.

*Menoetes* - An Underworld spirit who herded the cattle of Hades.

*Nyx* - The primeval goddess of night.

*Persephone* - Queen of the underworld, wife of Hades and goddess of spring

*Rivers of the Underworld* - Acheron (the river of woe), Alpheus (Ἀλφειός),
(the white river), Eridanos (the river of amber), Kokytos (the river of
wailing), Lethe (the river of forgetfulness (its counterpart was the waters
of Mnemosyne)), Phlegethon - (the river of fire), Styx (the river of hatred
and oaths).

*Tartarus* - The primeval god of the dark, stormy pit of Hades.

*Thanatos* - God of death.

*Zagreus* - An underworld god, possibly a son of Zeus and Persephone.


*hades* - bIng qo’ loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’; tera’ bIng Hoch Dochmey Qun.

*hecate* - ‘IDnar, ‘IDnar lo’, ram, maS, Heghpu’wI’pu’ qa’pu’ je be’
ghaHbogh Qun’e’. tuch SovmeH nuv, qoj tuch SIghmeH nuv, Heghpu’wI’pu’
qa’pu’ rIt; ‘IDnar mIwvam Qun ghaH je.

*Heghpu’wI’pu’ loHwI’pu’* - *aiakos*: *aegina* jubbe’pu’bogh voDleH Deq,
*hades* ngaQHa’moHwI’mey ‘avwI’, ‘ewrop nuvpu’ loHwI’. *minos*: *crete*
jubbe’pu’bogh voDleH Deq, wuqtaHvIS Heghpu’wI’pu’ loHwI’pu’, wIv Qav ‘oH
wIvDaj’e’. *rhadamanthys*: jubbe’pu’bogh chut chenmoHwI’ Deq, ‘aSya’ nuvpu’

*keuthonymos* - bIng qo’ qa’, *menoetes* vav.

*lampades* - Sechmey qengbogh bIng qo’ *nymphs*. *gorgyra*. *orphne*: wa’
*lampad* *hades* nymph ghaH, *askalaphos* SoS ghaH.

*macaria* - *hades* puqbe’. QaQchu’bogh Hegh; Hegh Sarvam Qun. pIm
*heracles* puqbe’, *macaria* je, vaj rap net Dambe’nIS.

*melinoe* - *zeus* *persephone* je puqbe’. Heghpu’wI’pu’ vuD QaQ SuqmeH
nuv, Heghpu’wI’pu’ qa’pu’vaD cha’nob nob; mIwvam SeH *melinoe*.

*menoetes* - bIng qo’Daq ‘op tInbogh loS ‘uS Ha’DIbaH tlhay’ tu’lu’;
nImchaj ‘oynotchaj je luSuqlu’meH, ‘ej tep luqengmeH Ha’DIbaHvam,
Ha’DIbaHvam lulo’lu’. bIng qo’ qa’ ghaH *menoetes*‘e’, ‘ej Ha’DIbaHmeyvam
lIq ‘ej Dev.

*nyx* - ram be’ ghaHbogh bI’reS Qun’e’.

*persephone* - bIng qo’ be’ ghaHbogh che’wI”e’, *hades* be’nal. Dorpu’DI’
qImroq bIrqu’, tInchoH San’emDermey; wanI’vam Qun.

*bIng qo’ bIQtIqmey *- *acheron*: pa’ bechqu’lu’. *alpheus*: bIQtIq chIS.
*eridanos*: *amber* bIQtIq. *kokytos*: bey bIQtIq. *lethe*: pa’ lIjlu’ (
*lethe* bIQtIq DI’onmey naQmoH *mnemosyne* bIQmey DI’onmey). *phlegethon*:
qul bIQtIq. *styx*: muSchu’ghach ‘Ipmey je bIQtIq.

*tartarus **-* *hades*Daq QemjIq’a’ Hurgh tu’lu’; pa’ jev. QemjIq’a’vam Qun
ghaH *tartarus*‘e’; loD ghaHbogh bI’reS Qun’e’ ghaH.

*thanatos* - Hegh Qun; loD ghaH Qunvam’e’.

*zagreus* - wa’ bIng qo’ Qun; chaq *zeus* *persephone* je puqloD ghaH.

~ Dana'an

*khaire zeus, god of the hellenesme'cheDchaj ghorchu'jaj pe'bIl'a'lIj*
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