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On 4/23/2021 10:56 AM, Lieven L. Litaer wrote:
> I have a question regarding a word we got at qep'a' 25 Maybe the word
> requester could clarify why it was needed.
> The definition of {ghan} is "glance at, take a quick look at".
> Could that be used to say "look at constantly, stare at"? Or is it this
> kind of "look quickly, and then look back"?
> How long is a "quick look"? 

A quick look does not include staring or looking repeatedly. It implies 
only a brief period of seeing, then no more. It doesn't necessarily 
imply you go back to looking at what you were looking at before, though 
you might do this.

The phrase is usually used in regard to obtaining information. If you 
"glance at" or "take a quick look at" a computer screen or a book, it 
means you took in the information presented in a minimal way. "Glance at 
a book" is idiomatic; it doesn't usually mean you just saw the book in 
front of you, but rather that you skimmed its content. If you "glance at 
a person," it means you took in their identity or characteristics very 
quickly and moved on to other things.

"Glance" or "quick look" doesn't imply a specific amount of time; it 
just means enough time to get a minimal amount of information.

*HeSwI' Daleghqa' net jalchugh, Daghov'a'?
*/If you saw the criminal again, would you recognize him/her?
/*jISovbe'; ghaH vIghanpu' neH.
*/I don't know; I only got a quick look at him/her./

*wIy ghanDI' ya, chollI'bogh Duj tu'.
*/When the tactical officer glances at the tactical display, he/she 
notices an approaching ship./

We don't have a word that means just /stare at/ or even just /look at 
(without being quick), /but you can usually get the point across if you 
explain /why/ someone is staring.

*pe'vIl qabwIj nuD verengan.
*/The Ferengi studies my face intensely./

*jIHDaq ba' HoD; Duj So'lu'pu'bogh nejlI'.
*/The captain sits at the monitor, searching for the cloaked ship./


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