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Lieven L. Litaer levinius at gmx.de
Wed Apr 21 09:34:40 PDT 2021

Am 21.04.2021 um 17:18 schrieb Steven Boozer:
> Klingon word: 	bI'reS
> Part of speech: 	noun
> Definition: 	beginning (of an opera, play, story, speech)
> Source: 	HQ:v12n2p8
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>      Please contribute relevant vocabulary from the last year or two. I’ve fallen
>      behind in updating my files and adding cross-references for related words.

from qepHom'a' 2020:

{bI'reS taymey} prologue

<<<"Prologue" is {bI'reS taymey} and "epilogue" is {bertlham taymey}.
But it's really more complicated.

{taymey} is a section of a book or play or the like that's separate from
the main portion of the work. It's seldom used without {bI'reS}
("beginning") or {bertlham} ("end") unless everyone already knows what
the discussion is about (so, for example, you could say {bI'reS taymey}
once and then, after that in the same discussion about the same thing,
you don't have to include {bI'reS} each time). Despite its description,
taymey is not used for the appendix of a work. A {taymey} contextualizes
the main work; an appendix [see {HommaH}] is considered supplemental.

Maltz thought that this word was a remnant of the way stories used to be
told orally, since they'd begin and end with some sort of ritual
({tay}), the details of which are lost. Even though {taymey} ends with
the {-mey} "plural" suffix, {taymey} is a frozen form and is considered
singular. It's okay to say {taymeymey} should the need arise. >>>

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