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This is mind-bending.

How did I not notice this word earlier? It’s a negative “to be” verb that isn’t a pronoun.

You can use it adjectivally, which you can’t really do with {‘oHbe’}, which is probably why it exists. You can use it as a stative verb… 

… ahhh, but the implications…

While {ruv ‘en} means “injustice” or “non-justice”, {‘en ruv} likely suggests that justice does not exist, since it’s not saying “This/It/[Any specific noun] is not justice.” It’s saying, “Justice isn’t.” “Justice does not be."

{ruv ‘enmoH noHwI’vam}

This judge is unjust (he causes justice to not be.)


{‘enbe’ ruv.}

Justice exists. Justice does not not be. It may not always happen or happen everywhere, but the condition of there not being any justice anywhere, forever, does not exist.

And variations on the perfective…


Of course, that’s merely my best guess, based on the incomplete, imperfect gloss...

charghwI’ ‘utlh
(ghaH, ghaH, -Daj)

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> mughpu'ghachvam vIlaj.
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