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Am 14.04.2021 um 09:08 schrieb De'vID:
> Again, this was a case of necessity. The word was made up by TNG writers
> for the episode "Sins of the Father". In the script,[...] It's literally
> been used once to refer to a specific character who happened to be
> female, so we can't infer if it can or cannot refer to a male caretaker
> of a young child.

The same story for {So'chIm}:

"Marc answered this one, not Maltz:

Actually, So'chIm is from a TNG episode (it's written "soh-chim" in the
script). Worf asks Troi to be Alexander's So'chIm, which he describes as
being Alexander's "surrogate mother" who'd take over being responsible
for Alexander if anything were to happen to Worf. (Worf also says this
would make Troi his stepsister, more or less.) The website Memory Alpha
says a soh-chim is "most closely approximated" by stepsister/stepbrother
(but I think that's not accurate — the soh-chim has a connection to the
child, not the child's parents; I think the script has Worf and Troi
talking about stepsister/stepbrother is so they could make a joke about
Lwaxana Troi being Worf's stepmother) and is similar to the Human
concept of "godparent" (though the word "godparent" is not in the
script). Even though the only person we know about who is a soh-chim
happens to be female, I think it's reasonable to assume that the
individual chosen to be responsible for a child could be of any gender.
So "godparent" is a good approximation. If a gender distinction has to
be made, add loD or be' after So'chIm."

(qepHom 2020)


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