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> On 4/13/2021 4:41 PM, Will Martin wrote:
> Okay, so a new question occurred to me… Maybe we’ve been asking the wrong
> question.
> Do we have any sex-gendered nouns besides mother, father, and other blood
> relatives or spouses? Even then, Okrand slid in some odd ones, like {tey’},
> which basically means “a not-gender-specific child of a same-gender sibling
> of one of your parents”.
> If there are no non-blood-relative-or-spouse sex-gender-specific nouns,
> then the definitions are likely generally mail as a simple style point in
> Okrand’s writing, like saying, “A person must trust his instincts,” instead
> of “her instincts” or “his or her instincts” or “their instincts”. It’s
> just the way he writes them, by default.
> We have *ghojmoq** nurse, nanny, governess,* which does not appear to
> have a male version. Again, it's the English translation that is gendered;
> we don't know about the Klingon word.
Again, this was a case of necessity. The word was made up by TNG writers
for the episode "Sins of the Father". In the script, the word was written
"ghojmoK" (sic), and was spoken by Worf to refer to Kahlest: "She was my
ghojmoK... my nurse." I'm pretty sure the writers looked up various words
related to an adult who takes care of a child in TKD, came up {ghojmoH}
"teach, instruct", and either deliberately or by accident changed the
ending to make up a new word, which Dr. Okrand then retroactively made
official by adding it to the Appendix. It's literally been used once to
refer to a specific character who happened to be female, so we can't infer
if it can or cannot refer to a male caretaker of a young child.

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