[tlhIngan Hol] what good are honors from such people..

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Mon Apr 12 07:18:59 PDT 2021

tlhIngan nughvaD mIt je mu'meyvam..



“For their courage I nominated these men for the title of hero of the
Soviet Union. But the committee ruled that because it was not wartime,
and because it was merely an accident, they were not worthy of the
title of hero. What good are honors from such people? These men
sacrificed, not for a medal. But because when the time came, it was
their duty. Not to the navy, or to the state, but to us. Their

Capt. Alexei Vostrikov


raSya' Sub patlh luHevmeH, qumvaD toDujna'chajmo' loDpu'vam vIchuppu'.
'ach Sub patlh luqotlhbe' 'e' wuq yej, qaSbe'mo' noH, 'ej Qugh neH
'aqlaHbe'pu'bogh 'oHmo'. vabDot nIquvmoHchugh Sarvam loD, chay' potlh?
'an'eghmoHtaHvIS loDpu'vam, van'a' luqelbe'taH; 'ach 'utchoHpu'DI',
Qu'na'chaj 'oHmo', 'an'eghmoHta'. 'ej bIQ'a' QI' Sep joq bopbe'
Qu'vam. maH'e' bop, latlh beqpu'chaj'e' bop.

alexei vostrikov HoD

~ Dana'an

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