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Sat Apr 3 12:06:54 PST 2021

*Ss. Barsanuphius and John:* When we pray, and God delays in hearing (our
prayer), He does this for our benefit, so as to teach us longsuffering;
wherefore we need not become downcast, saying: "We prayed, and were not
heard." God knows what is profitable for a man.

*barsanuphius st john st je:* Qun wItlhobchugh, 'ach SIbI' maHvaD
cha'balmaj nobbe'chugh Qun, 'ej mImchugh, nuQaHmeH, vang. maHvaD ghu'mey
Qatlh SIQmoHlaHmeH Qun, vang. ngoDvammo' mabelHa'be'nIS; majatlhbe'nIS: <
QunvaD majatlhpu', 'ach nuSaHpu'be'. > nuv QaQlaHbogh Hoch Sov Qun.

~ Dana'an
woe unto you scribes
and pharisees hypocrites
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