[tlhIngan Hol] expressing "twice as much" the {-qu'} doubled

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 16:05:06 PST 2021

> 1. Often you are obviously, afraid to fight.
> 2. Obviously, often you are afraid, to fight.
> What happened to the begin part?


> {cha'logh bIHoSghajqu'choH}
> mu'tlheghvam mughlu'taHvIS, wej DuH
> tu'lu':
> 1. Twice you become, very powerful.
> 2. You become very, powerful twice.
> 3. You become powerful, twice the {-qu'}.
> You become very powerful, twice. Any
> further attempt to plug different bits of
> the sentence together for specialized
> meanings falls under what I called
> splitting hairs. If you can provide a
> context that would make some other
> combination make sense, I'd be willing to
> consider it.

maj. jIyaj, 'ej qatlho'. 'a qaghelnIS.

jIjatlh vIneH:

"Because you fought alone the romulans, you've become twice worthy of

chay' mu'tlheghvam vImughlaH? chay' mu'tlheghvam "twice" vIDellaH?

~ Dana'an
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