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Thu Sep 24 07:23:39 PDT 2020

On 9/24/2020 9:54 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> We could have come up with {ghojmoH} without Okrand giving it to us, 
> and we could justify using it in our speech and writing to mean 
> “teach", but then he could have later given us a different verb for 
> “teach” that wasn’t derived from {ghoj}. By giving us an explicit 
> {ghojmoH} to mean “teach”, he was informing us that we could freely 
> use {ghojmoH} without waiting for some other verb.

Well, no. He didn't include *ghojmoH* to give us permission to use it. 
He included it because he knew that people looking up words on the 
English–Klingon side might look for a word like /teach,/ and if he only 
included root Klingon words they wouldn't find it. As a convenience to 
the reader, he added English words that didn't have root Klingon 
equivalents and gave their constructions in Klingon.

This has the added side-effect of giving us canonical glosses of 
productive Klingon suffix use, but "canon" wasn't a thought in Okrand's 
mind when he wrote the dictionary.


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