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Klingon word: 'Ipnal
Part of speech: noun
Definition: spouse (gender-neutral term)
Source: qep'a' 27  [2020]

(KGT 199):  The word for husband is {loDnal} and that for wife is {be'nal}. Though there are occasional exceptions, for the most part, neither of these words is used in direct address (in a sentence such as {loDnal HIghoS} [Husband, come here]) and neither of them typically takes the suffix of endearment {-oy} (as in {be'naloy} [wifey]). 

(MO's email to Lieven, 11/15/2010):  There was another question about whether {loDnI'nal} and {be'nI'nal} could be brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Maltz said he didn't think there were specific words for these concepts. He said to just describe the relationship: {loDnI' loDnal} and {be'nI' loDnal} for brother-in-law and {loDnI' be'nal} and {be'nI' be'nal} for sister-in-law. He said you could even say things like {be'nal loDnI' be'nal} 'wife's brother's wife'.

'Ip 	 	oath (n)

(STEnc [1994] 344):  The Oath is the "Klingon ritual of marriage, solemnizing the bond between husband and wife in the Klingon culture. Worf and K'Ehleyr almost "took the oath" after they spent a night together on the Enterprise-D holodeck in 2365, but neither felt ready for such a commitment at that time, even though they had just conceived a child together." {tlhIngan jIH} "I am a Klingon" is "[the first] part of the oath spoken between husband and wife in solemnizing their marriage.  (TNG "The Emissary")

'e'nal  		someone who married into the family (i.e. an "in-law") (n)

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