[tlhIngan Hol] can I say "they obey the jurisdiction of their superiors" ?

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> dictionary.com vInaw'pu', 'ej pa' De'vam vIlaDpu':
> jurisdiction (noun):
> * the right, power, or authority to administer justice by hearing and
> determining controversies.
> * power; authority; control:
>    He has jurisdiction over all American soldiers in the area.
> * the extent or range of judicial, law enforcement, or other authority:
>    This case comes under the jurisdiction of the local police.
> * the territory over which authority is exercised:
>    All islands to the northwest are his jurisdiction.
> vaj lughba' {mochpu'chaj teblaw lulob}.
> The presence of a particular sense of a word in an English dictionary
> doesn't prove that that sense is included in the Klingon word's meaning.
> However, if we lack any restriction on the matching senses of a Klingon
> word, there's no reason to use any sense that seems warranted. All we know
> is *teblaw'* *jurisdiction (n),* so you may as well use it with any sense
> you feel is appropriate.
There is a line from a deleted scene in Star Trek (2009): {tlhIngan wo'
Daq'a' bo'elpu'!} "You have entered the jurisdiction of the Klingon Empire!"

Since the scene was deleted, the sentence isn't published canon, but we
know Dr. Okrand wrote it and it might give a hint as to what sense of
"jurisdiction" the word {teblaw'} corresponds to, since he apparently chose
not to use it in the sense of "territory over which authority is exercised"
when he could have. But any conclusion would be highly speculative.

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