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On 9/22/2020 8:47 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> Similarly, we say that those from Venus are Venusians and those from 
> Mars are Martians, but we say we are from Earth, yet we refer to 
> ourselves as “terrestrials” and not *Earthians*.

The first word anyone thinks of when thinking of a demonym for 
inhabitants of Earth is /Earthling//./

Other words used to describe us: /Earther/, /Earthman, Terran/, 
/Tellurian/, /Gaian./ I've even heard /Earthan,/ though I think that was 
from a science-fiction character who wasn't sure what the right name was.

Also, before /Venusian/ was popular in science-fiction, the word 
/Venerean/ was common.

We also don't say /moonian,/ we say l/unarian/,//and in any 
science-fiction in which we say that, the inhabitants usually get ticked 
off if you call them /lunatics./ In /The First Men in the Moon,/ they're 
called /Selenites./

The choice of demonym isn't always /place name + ian/ in English. 
Inhabitants of New York are /New Yorkers. /Inhabitants of Pittsburgh are 
/Pittsburghers./ Inhabitants of Vancouver are /Vancouverites./ 
Inhabitants of Vienna are /Viennese./

Mars is kind of unusual in that it /doesn't/ have a bunch of different 


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