[tlhIngan Hol] excuse me, but how the jay' does -'eghmoH actually work ?

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Thu Sep 17 07:18:43 PDT 2020

To get the discussion started, here's what I have in my notes:

(st.k 11/1997):  For example, there is an entry for "commit suicide" just in case anyone wants to look that word up; but the Klingon equivalent is simply {HoH'egh}, literally "kill oneself" ({HoH} "kill" plus Type 1 verb suffix {-'egh} "oneself") ... Maltz reports having heard both {quv'eghmoH} "he/she honors him/herself", which follows the expected order (verb-Type 1-Type 4: {quv} "be honored", {-'egh} "oneself", {-moH} "cause") as well as the weird {quvmoH'egh} .... 

(KGT 117):  Generally, when a verb describing a state of being (for example, {tuj} [be hot]) is used in the imperative form, the suffixes {-'egh} (reflexive suffix) and {-moH} (cause) are used as well:  {yItuj'eghmoH} (Heat yourself!—that is, "Cause yourself to be hot!"), {yItaD'eghmoH!} (Freeze yourself!--that is, "Cause yourself to be frozen!").

I know of one other example:

  muptaHvIS tay''eghmoH QeHDaj Hoch 
  All his rage focused in one blow (PB)

Anyone know of any others?

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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From: mayqel qunen'oS
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mu'tlheghmey veb vIqon:

  I cause myself to be brave

  I cause myself to sleep

  I cause myself to act

ghaytan lugh mu'tlheghmeyvam vIqonta'bogh. ('a mujchugh, vaj jIHvaD ngoDvam SovmoHjaj vay'..)

'ej DaH mu'tlhegh veb vIqon je:

quv luHutlh'eghmoHpu' romuluSngan
the romulans caused themselves to lack honor

lugh'a' mu'tlheghvam ? Qap'a' {-'eghmoH} lo'vam ?

~ Qa'yIn

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