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No idea. There was only one example of the verb {DuH} and none for {qIt}:

  yIntaHvIS qIrq DuHbe' roj
  There will be no peace as long as Kirk lives. (ST5 notes)

As for the noun {DuH} “possibility”:

(De'vID < MO, 2/17/2018, in re the "preferences" or "settings" page found in software):  Maltz thought that {SeHlaw} could work if it’s referring to the whole page, not individual settings. An individual option or preference is {DuH}.  A category is {buv} “classification.”
  Hoch DuH yIqel
  Consider every possibility!

Cf. the idiom {Hoch nuH qel} “consider every weapon”:

(KGT 108-10):  This is an idiom cloaked in the terminology of the military that has a wider application. It is used to mean "Consider every possibility" or "Consider every option," with the word {nuH} (weapon) standing metaphorically for “possibility” ... It is not a set phrase, so it is heard in various forms …. The regular word for "possibility" is {DuH}, and, grammatically, there is no reason it could not occur instead of {nuH} in these sentences ({Hoch DuH yIqel} ["Consider every possibility!"] is a perfectly well formed sentence), but this is simply not the normal way to express the advice. The use of {nuH} (weapon) for {DuH} (possibility) may have been influenced by the Krotmag dialect pronunciation of {DuH} as something very close to {nuH}...
{DuH} may appear as an element in the noun {‘aHDuH} “prototype”.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons


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chay' pIm DuH qIt je ? maSov'a' ?

~ melqor
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