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Mon Oct 12 07:32:40 PDT 2020

Klingon Word of the Day for Sunday, October 11, 2020

Klingon word: Dop
Part of speech: verb
Definition: be opposite, antithetical, contradictory
Source: Email from Lieven 2018-08-01

 (Lieven < MO, 1/08/2018):  For parallel universe, I’d go with {'u' quq}, using {quq} "happen simultaneously, be simultaneous".  {quq} is okay for "parallel" (in this sense). Just as a parallel universe can't exist by itself (there has to be a universe - presumably ours - that it's parallel to), a simultaneous universe can't exist by itself. In both cases, you can refer to one universe at a time - you don't always have to mention both (or several). For mirror universe, I suggest {Dop} "be opposite, antithetical, contradictory" (yes — this is a new word). If they're not making a real distinction between parallel and mirror (that is, if they're using the words interchangeably), I'd stick with {quq}. 

(qep’a’ 2019):  Use {Dop} to create negative numbers.  {wej Dop} "minus three" or "negative three" 

DopmoH  	cause to be opposite,  reverse (v)

(DevID < MO, 2/10/2018):  To sort [{patlhmoH}] a list of English words alphabetically (or reverse alphabetically), use constructions like {wa’DIch a}, {HochDIch z} or {wa’DIch z, HochDIch a}.  For a list of Klingon words, it would be {wa’DIch bay, HochDIch qaghwI’, wa’DIch qaghwI’, HochDIch bay}. And to the question of whether *{yoymoH} could be used for reversing a list, [Okrand] replied: "No. Use {DopmoH} "cause to be opposite." 

yoy 		be upside down (v)
tlhoch 		contradict (v)

Sar 		be varied, various (v)
pIm 		be different (v)
rap 		be the same (v)
nIb 		be identical (v)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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